Welcome to PannoBazaar.Com (www.PannoBazaar.Com),which can be also referred to “we’’, “us” or “PannoBazaar.Com”. This website is maintained and operated by PannoBazaar.ComBasically we’re an online shopping hub that ensures quality and trust of the customers. Users are bound to accept andagree with all the terms and conditions that are stated in the Website.The authority of PannoBazaar.Comholds the sole right toadjust, change, remove, include, or partially add anything to ‘Terms and Conditions’anytime. Changes will come in effect withoutany type ofprior warning or notification.


1. Your Account

Users must register with required information in PannoBazaar.Com to purchase or consume any sort of service offered by PannoBazaar.ComYou have to ensure the proper activity of your account and you are responsible to prevent any kind of misuse of your account. In case your username/password get disclosed, you have to inform us immediately.You can change your password anytime you want and you shall be fullyliable for the safeguarding of your account and any also responsible to disclosure or use of your username/password even if the use is authorized or not.

You have to make sure that all the information you provide are valid, correct and complete. We may any time request you to change username/password. We reserve the right to not let you access to our website if we feel the necessity. We hold the rights to invalidate your username / password.You are bound to give your consent to fully indemnify us against any losses occurred from the use of or access to our website from your account. Wealso hold the right to terminate user account, and remove, edit or adjust content whenever we need without any prior notification. As per our policy you can never do any change in the name of the owner at the time of delivering the product.

In case of necessity, PannoBazaar.Com holds the authority to ban/terminate/freeze/unfreeze any user account(s). If the user account gets blocked/banned, user may not get product/refund andthe authority’s decision will be considered as final.

2. Privacy

To visit our website, all the personal information that shared by you will be kept confidential as per privacy Agreement and proper laws and regulations.

3. Your Conduct

You ought not use the site at all that causes, or is likely going to cause, the Site or admittance to it to meddle, hurt or handicapped in any way. You ought to avoid practices that could hurt or possibly hurt the Site, its laborers, authorities, agents, accomplices or some other assembling truly or indirectly associated with the Site or admittance to it to be encroached, hurt or crippled in any way. You understand that you, and not us, are responsible for each and every electronic correspondence and substance sent from your PC to us and you ought to use the Site for lawful purposes figuratively speaking.

PannoBazaar.Com probably won’t be dependent upon any person for any hardship or mischief, which may rise out of the use of any of the information contained in any of the materials on this site for tricky purposes, or in regards to a criminal offense or other unlawful developments to send, use or reuse any material that doesn’t have a spot with you; or is illegal, unfriendly (checking yet not compelled to material that is expressly unequivocal substance or which advances bias, fanaticism, disdain or actual naughtiness), precarious, misleading, harming, foul, bothering, impolite, oppressive, deprecatory, revolting, profane, pedophilic or compromising; morally problematic, disparaging or in break of copyright, brand name, mystery, insurance or some other selective information or right; or is by and large harming to pariahs; or relates to or propels tax avoidance or wagering; or is risky to minors in any way; or copies another person; or sabotages the fortitude, dependability, security or force of Bangladesh or neighborly relations with far off States; or hostile or for the most part unlawful in any capacity by any means; or which involves or contains programming contaminations, political engaging, business deals, organizing letters, mass mailings or any ‘spam’.

Utilize the Site for unlawful purposes. To cause disturbance, trouble or superfluous apprehension for whatever different purposes that is other than what is generally anticipated by us

4. Submission

Anything that you submit to the Site or conceivably provide for us, including yet not confined to, questions, reviews, comments, and proposition (all in all, “Passages”) will transform into our sole and particular property and won’t get back to you. Despite the rights relevant to any Accommodation, when you present comments or studies on the Site, you furthermore grant us the advantage to use the name that you submitted, with respect to such review, comment, or other substance. You won’t use a fake email address, pronounce to be someone other than yourself or for the most part mislead us or pariahs concerning the reason for any Entries. We may, yet won’t be resolved to, remove or adjust any Entries with no notice or legal course fitting to us in such way.

5. Indemnity

You will reimburse and hold harmless PannoBazaar.Com Restricted, its assistants, branches, and their specific authorities, chiefs, administrators, and agents, from any case or solicitation, or exercises including reasonable attorney’s costs, made by any outcast or discipline constrained due to or arising out of your break of these Agreements or any record joined by reference, or your encroachment of any law, rules, rules or the advantages of a pariah.

You along these lines unequivocally release PannoBazaar.Com as moved by branches just as any of its authorities and representatives from any expense, mischief, commitment or other result of any of the exercises/inactions of the dealers or other expert centers and expressly waiver any cases or demands that you may have for this advantage under any goal, agreement or something different.

6. Losses

We will not be responsible for any business or individual mishaps (tallying anyway not confined to loss of advantages, pay, contracts, anticipated venture reserves, data, philanthropy, or wasted utilization) or whatever other underhanded or profound adversity that isn’t reasonably unsurprising to both you and us when you started using the Site.

7. Changes to conditions or alterations of service and related promise

We keep whole authority to make changes to the website, its systems, these agreements and some other unreservedly showed condition or organization ensure at whatever point. You will be reliant upon the methodologies and agreements in power at the time you used the Site aside from if any change to those systems or these conditions is needed to be made by law or government master (in which case it will apply to orders as of late set by you). If any of these conditions is respected invalid, void, or in any capacity whatsoever unenforceable, that condition will be considered severable and will not impact the authenticity and enforceability of any remarkable condition.

8.Law and jurisdiction

These agreements are controlled by and deciphered according to the laws of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. You agree that the courts, chambers and furthermore semi-legitimate bodies arranged in Dhaka, Bangladesh will have the prohibitive domain on any inquiry arising inside Bangladesh under this Understanding.

9. Offers

PannoBazaar.Com isn’t obligated or bound to give some other proposals of any dealer/sellers’ at some other spots/destinations aside from PannoBazaar.Com You can simply ask for/ask/requesting or search for information about the offers given/announced by PannoBazaar.Com

Reselling products

We encourage customer’s personal utilization not reselling purpose!!! Reselling PannoBazaar.Com products for business is stringently denied. In the event that any unapproved faculty are found submitting the above act, lawful move might be made against him/her. In the event that it is found and demonstrated that any request has been put to cash out the paid sum, lawful move might be made against him/her. In the event that any merchant orders (as a client) from their own shop utilizing cashback or some other equilibrium it would be considered as the infringement of the demonstration referenced previously

Delivery Timeline

Panno Bazaar is committed to ship customer’s product to couriers within 25 days, however delivery could be delayed due to stock unavailability,political unrest, lockdown/ natural calamity/national/public holidays/official holiday(s), etc.

Delivery Charge(s)

Delivery charge is FREE for all products which are no more than 10 kg in weight and size of the product must be within 1 cubic foot. If product’s weight is more than 10 Kg then delivery charge will be decided as per courier company policy. Butdue to COVID 19office Delivery and customer support at office is not available at this moment.

13. Stock availability

The orders are subject to availability of stock. If there is stock issue then PannoBazaar.Com holds the right to cancel the order at any time, irrespective of any duration.

14. Returns Policy

In case you receive faulty/harmed or mistaken/defective product you have to let us know immediately within 24 hours through mail/SMS/call. For your kind information, to returnand claim you must provide unboxing video, receiving invoice through e-mail and the box / packaging should be same as we sent to the customer.

15. Cancellation

PannoBazaar.Com holds the right to cancel any order at its sole prudence preceding dispatch and under any circumstance which may incorporate, yet not restricted to, the item being mispriced, unavailable, terminated, flawed, failed, and containing wrong data or depiction emerging out of specialized or typographical mistake or for some other explanation.

16. Refund

Refund issues will be solved within 3 days (If not delivered within 25 days). If PannoBazaar.Com fails to deliver customer’s desire product then customer will get refund. Refund amount will be 8% to 15% less from MRP as our operation cost(Refund amount may vary from product to product). But if customer cancels an order then customer will get only the amount that the customer paid for that specific invoice.

17. Technical Error

PannoBazaar.Com will not be responsible for any sort of Technical error in website. Pricing error may occur due to technical error, human error, etc. However product will not be processed/ delivered in the perspective of pricing error.

18. Payment Gateway

All payment related issues will be solved by payment gateway authority, PannoBazaar.Com will not be responsible for any payment related issues.

19. Warranty

Warranty will be provided by the seller/supplier. We do take care your rights so definitely no need to worry about this.

20. If price of any product/service increases, customers have to pay the increasing amount Or customers also can get “refund” as per the refund policy of PannoBazaar.Com.